Paris mass murderer is a very unhappy sociopath, NOT A “MASTERMIND”

Paris murderer is a very unhappy sociopath, NOT a “mastermind”

Paris murderer is being called a “mastermind” by the enablers in the media: while in reality the Paris murderers are very unhappy sociopath

Why are the passive aggressive enablers of the media calling the hate crazed sociopath of the Paris massacre a “mastermind”?

Glorifying him with manipulative words?

Glorifying him to troubled youths who are fodder for terrorist groomers?

Is America’s problem “islamophobia” or does America have “terroristkillourchildrenophobia”?


Every muslim in the world is responsible to stop any and all international terrorism in the name of Islam.

Time for all Muslim countries to unite against the teachings that lead to terrorism.

Talk is cheap…you can talk the talk all you want but what about walking the walk?

Actions speak louder than words and all we keep hearing are words with no action.  Inaction combined with loud whining, does not solve the escalating terrorism.

Time for Islam to stop blaming others for their self created problems, and take responsibility for every single act of terror.

Time to grow up.

Afghan children beaten daily in “schools of hate”……the road to induced sociopathy

Cranes (Grus grus) flying at sunset over the Oderbruch near Reitwein, Germany, 19 October 2014. Thousands of migratory birds rest on the fields and meadows of the Oderbruch in eastern Brandenburg as they make their way south for the winter. Photo: Patrick Pleul/ZB

Physical beatings still a daily reality for Afghan schoolchildren beaten daily

Teachers also are beaten by students

A video showing an Afghan child getting beaten at school has given the issue much-needed attention after it began circulating on social media networks.


Although the video is short, it clearly shows a teacher beating a student with prayer beads. The child can be heard crying and yelling for it to stop.

Corporal punishment was still being used against boys in 100 percent of the classes observed. For girls, the figure was 20 percent.

“For most Afghan families, corporal punishment is completely normal”

……….. a schoolchild’s mother tell a teacher that she would be satisfied to see her child come back home with broken hands.

Many people think that a child who isn’t physically punished won’t end up being raised properly.

According to the Ministry of Education, any kind of corporal punishment is forbidden. But no one really pays attention. In the rare cases that parents have ended up suing teachers for beating their children, the teachers were never reprimanded. The cases always end up being resolved through mediation, and the ‘guilty teacher’ gets away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. But at the same time, we mustn’t forget that violence is also carried out against teachers too. We’ve seen many cases where teachers have been attacked and beaten by their students.

We need time in order to bring the issue to the attention of society. Looking ahead, we need to use the media to convey to the Afghan public the severity of the problem, whilst also insisting on the fact that corporal punishment is forbidden. Both the teachers and students need to know that it’s unacceptable.

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The bottom line is all muslims everywhere are the only ones who can stop the blood soaked path to terrorism

China, the only superpower of the future, (after the USA is turned into a third world terrorist hellhole, by whining, terrorist enabling crybullies), will take on the Induced Sociopaths

China, the superpower of the future, (after the USA is turned into a third world terrorist hellhole, by whining, terrorist enabling crybullies), will take on the Induced Sociopaths (IS)


China vows to tackle Islamic State induced sociopaths (IS) after Paris massacre

CHINA could join forces with Russia to wipe out the evil Islamic State Induced Sociopaths (ISIS) terror group for good.

Xi Jinping called Francois Hollande yesterday

Xi Jinping will show leadership.  Bombing a few teenage sociopaths will only accelerate world terrorism.  The belief system has to take responsibility.  The only ones who can stop terrorism are every single muslim in the world.

What is going on behind the scenes to turn teenagers and vulnerable youths into the kind of sociopaths who would murder people in wheelchairs?  Why no mention of Sharia law?  Sharia law appears to change daily, with pompous edicts from elites who sit behind the scenes counting their money.

Sharia law appears to be manmade, full of false manmade narratives, full of sociopathic hatred, and behind the world of terrorism.  A god of hate and revenge and a god who wants it’s followers to murder people in wheelchairs,  is not much of a god.  The only ones who can stop terrorism are every single Muslim in the world.

Xi Jinping – president of the future one and only world superpower – has vowed to step up China’s fight against the evil jihadists after the Paris massacre.He made the promise during a phone call with French leader Francois Hollande yesterday, according to reports in China.  ISIS brutally murdered at least 129 people in Paris on Friday night – with several Chinese nationals feared dead.
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Only the fathers, father figures and leaders of the world of terrorism can stop terrorism







The fractured fathering and unnurtured, brutalized, throwaway males of all forms of tribalistic polygamy underlie all terrorism……..

Only the fathers, father figures and leaders of the world of terrorism can stop terrorism.

Leaders take responsibility

Demagogues make excuses and blame shift for personal and political gain.

Excuse makers and blame shifters are vital in the spread of terrorism, both domestic and international

Blaming France?

Blaming America?

Blaming Israel?

How about taking responsibility?

There’s a big difference between protecting oneself from homicidal maniacs and deliberately creating homicidal maniacs.

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