Population movement, failed destabilized societies, and the failed state index

All migration must cease immediately, and all migrants go to safe zones in their home country.  


Failed State Factors


The new and revised “failure factors” of all failed states are:
  • First and formost is the practice of polygamy   Excess throwaway males of polygamy must be expelled by increasingly restrictive rules destabilizing the entire culture.  There are no power monogamy states  anywhere on the list of failed states.
  • Restrictions on the free flow of information.  The elites control all information
  • The subjugation of women by the elites of polygamy
  • Inability to accept responsibility for individual or collective failure.  Failed states all whine and blame others for their self created problems
  • The extended family or tribe as the basic unit of social organization.  We’re it, you’re sh#t.
  • Domination by a restrictive religion.
  • A low valuation of education. Keeping women and throwaways uneducated are necessary for the elites to have many young girls for themselves
  • Low prestige assigned to work.  The sloth of polygamy
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Lawful, orderly, serial monogamy, as practiced by mainstream America produces the most stable, high functioning cultures on earth


Sounds too simple to be true, but…….

Any and all practices that encourage iligitimacy, unnurtured children, street youths, and/or abandoned women, destabilize the culture and contribute to gang warfare, and plain old violence.

Monogamous cultures where divorce is outlawed are more unstable than cultures where divorce is legal.

Any and all cultures that produce throwaway males that must be expelled from their home culture by increasingly rigid rules, creates the instability of terrorism.