Sounds all cozy and cute, but almost guaranteed will end poorly


One man (surprise, surprise, not two women)  and two women in a ‘throuple’ gave a  glimpse inside their polyamorous relationship, from how they raise children together to a candid description of their sleeping arrangements.

Adam Lyons, 37, is originally from East London and lives in Texas with Brooke Shedd, 29, and Jane Shalakhova, 28, as well as their three (soon to be four) children.

Jane, Brooke, and Adam all have feelings for one another, and explained how they have each come to bond with the two other partners to form a ‘throuple’

Sounds all cozy and cute, but in reality brings immaturity, instability and hypersexualization.  Almost guaranteed will end poorly, especially for the children

Mature, adult relationships that result in high functioning children needed.

24/7 sex is not what will result in high functioning young adults

Build the wall to save Mexico

Terrorism and out of control no go zones are rampant in central America mostly because of NO WALL and entitled elites who appear to be clueless while they sit in gated communities surrounded by armed guards


Is human trafficking being fueled by so called immigration?

Immigration is a cutsey title for entitled elites to cover up their tracks

Worldwide term limits badly needed


Time for Mexico and Central America to GROW UP and take responsibility