51 “shelter dog” throwaway males from polygamous countries

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59 males, 8 women, 4 children in migrant truck suffocated to death.

Shelter dogs are abandoned by their owners, frequently abused and unwanted

51 throwaway males from polygamous countries spell disaster wherever they go.

These males were raised without any normal social contact with females, assuredly raised with disconnected fractured fathering or no fathering.

As helpless boys, they were possibly sexually brutalized by the elites of polygamy, thus paving the way to IS  (induced sociopathy)

51 throwaway males of polygamy are fodder for terrorist groomers who will fill their minds with grievance, hatred and blame instead of taking responsibility for self created problems.

Polygamy destabilizes any and all societies where it is practiced.

All the throwaway males of polygamy must only go to other polygamous countries and work to end the scourge of polygamy




The Road to American Exceptionalism


America is the only reformed Christian country that fought and died to free itself of the old world totalitarian monarchies

The British monarchy had the sense to fight it’s way clear of unreformed Christianity into the freedom of reformed Christianity.

Then America had the sense to fight it’s way clear of the British monarchy.

Central and South America were in thrall to unreformed Christianity along with the old world totalitarian monarchies

George Washington could have been a monarch, but he instituted the genius and power of term limits.

Powerful monogamy remains at the center of the remarkable leadership and power and fathering and work ethic that fuels exceptionalism

If Canada and Australia fought clear of the ridiculous dark ages monarchists, they could transform into world leaders as well

Why China is on it’s way to ruling the world


China’s success is not about money, poverty, communism……..

China’s success is about it’s one cherished, exceptionalist, greatly beloved child per one exceptionalist monogamous family.  Nothing else.

Don’t tell me God isn’t happy about this policy.

Granted, there are problems with forced abortion, forced birth control, gender imbalance, etc.  But China’s cherished planned children are soaring with the eagles, not laying in the gutters of the world. China’s exceptionalist fathers are cherishing their children throughout their lives.

China’s gene pool is soaring with the eagles, not turning out genetically impoverished children.

These are very happy children, unlike America’s inner city children who are abandoned by their fathers, and America’s inner city women who are traumatized used, and abandoned by the fathers of their uncherished children.

China’s cherished, happy children are not fodder for the terrorist groomers, who lurk in the shadows of every country on earth.

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Sharia law creates the worst fathering on the planet

Dubai:  Muslim father lets his 20 year old daughter drown rather than let a strange man touch her in order to save her life.

Imagine this girl’s last minutes on earth, looking up to see her father let her die.

Keeping girls uneducated, locked in the house, is essential to the totalitarian subjugation of women under Sharia law

Polygamy is legal in Dubai, which means that wealthy men have all the young girls for themselves, the need to isolate young girls is critical,  while low status males go without sex, normal relationships with females, and are regularly expelled into the monogamous countries of the West.



Sharia law is man made, has nothing to do with any God, and is being used to subjugate women and brainwash ISIS terrorists and take little girls as sex slaves as we speak.

Subjugated women are a critical part of the triad of ISIS terrorism.

Islam needs to be rescued from evil like this

The fruits of polygamy: escalating need for sex slavery by the throwaways of polygamy

Sex slavery escalating – throwaways of polygamy treating women like animals in their rampage for sex-  the throwaways of polygamy are fodder for terrorism


The fiends of polygamy execute 19 women for refusing rape

Polygamous man is creating future catastrophe

A Turkish man who has 32 children with four different wives has said he is aiming for 50, it’s reported.

A catastrophe of uncared for children and a number of throwaway males who are denied women and sex and life with their people.  Fodder for terrorist groomers.  Loaded onto boats with false narratives at the ready.  All muslim males MUST go to other muslim countries and help to solve their problems of polygamy.