Polygamy only for the wealthy is a catastrophe

Polygamy only for the wealthy is a catastrophe.  It is apparent, that all forms of polygyny end up being mostly for the wealthy and the powerful.

Naive, shallow, low information article ignoring the fact that in all of the most troubled failed state areas of the world, the most troubled subcultures, all enable polygamy to be practiced only by the wealthy! Polygamy only for the wealthy guarantees catastrophic social problems.   Polygamy only for the wealthy guarantees destabilizing chaos and fractured fathering.

“…Read more about sharing a husband be GOOD for women? Polygamous households ‘are wealthier and have healthier children’

  • Study looked at polygynous and monogamous households in Tanzania
  • Those with multiple wives found to own more cattle and farm more land (DUH, ONLY THE WEALTHY ARE ALLOWED POLYGAMY)
  • Polygyny often found in areas of poor child health …..”(DUH, POLYGAMY ROTS THE GENE POOL)


The level of poverty in Tanzania is very high.  Tanzania has made little progress towards reducing extreme hunger and malnutrition.   The 2010 Global Hunger Index ranks the situation as “alarming”. Children in rural areas suffer substantially higher rates of malnutrition and chronic hunger, although urban-rural disparities have narrowed as regards both stunting and underweight.

Jobs are leaving USA because employers are continually being sued


Businesses are leaving USA because they are being SUED out of existence

Jobs are leaving USA because employers are continually being sued

City governments are being sued into bankruptcy

Illegals are bankrupting communities

Hospitals are being sued

Grievance lawyers are making millions and billions


The big question:  Is violence and dysfunction and unhappiness being encouraged by the elites who line their pockets as we speak?  The revolving door of grievance and revenge are at the core of most terrorism and mindless violence.  The elites of the revolving door of grievance and revenge sit in safety.

Gorgeous safe zone in Syria


The West builds a gorgeous safe zone in Syria.  It is full of shops, eating places, beautiful living spaces.

The most beautiful area in the world.

In move all the migrants from all over the West.

5,000,000 at first.   (80% or 90% young males)

4,000,000 young males

1,000,000 or less women

The elites of polygamy start taking 2, 3, or 4 of the available women as wives of polygamy

Leaving 3,000,000 raging young males without women.

Guess what the result will be in no time at all?

Millions of young males will be strapping bombs and merrily go off to suicideandmurderforsex.

Fathers are the key to all terrorism

The worst fathering on the planet is the key to all terrorism

Most if not ALL international terrorism is fueled by fathers and father figures

Terrorists are very unhappy human beings

Terrorists spread misery and unstability wherever they go

Terrorism is fueled by polygamy, which is why there are no peaceful, happy polygamist countries on earth.

Polygamist societies are incapable of ruling themselves, much less the world.

False manmade narratives of supremacism are a sign of a false belief system


Monogamous fathers provide the best chance for happiness and prosperity

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Married monogamous fathers and mothers raising children have the best chance for happiness, non violence and prosperity

Strong monogamous families have a direct impact on the entire society

report released by the American Enterprise Institute’s Institute for Family Studies showed that strong families have a direct impact on the economy in the states where they live and work and that married parents raising children are better predictors of economic mobility, child poverty and median family income than other demographics such as race or education.

“Higher levels of marriage, and especially higher levels of married-parent families, are strongly associated with more economic growth, more economic mobility, less child poverty and higher median family income at the state level in the United States,” the report stated.

Fathers are the problem

Fathers are the solution

Fathers can stop all international terrorism

Stop all cash for all migrants

Terrorism is being fueled not only by the throwaways of polygamy, but also MONEY!

Every act of terrorism worldwide has a long bloodsoaked trail of money behind it.

One and only way to stop migration ASAP



Hungary says migrants stopped by closing border

Hey, every country in the free world, stop all cash to all non citizens, just give food and shelter, set up safe zones in their countries, possibly payments only if they go back home, and it will stop


An ancestor of mine came over to America in chains in 1680.

The old world totalitarian monarchies spewed their prisoners and underclasses onto the shores of the new world.   By all accounts, they are still doing it. The founders of this country had no welfare, no money, no anything, they came to work and it worked.   They came for freedom from the old world totalitarians thugocracies.

With them came the fabled work ethic of monogamy.  They worked all day, every day.  The only thing they brought was exceptionalist monogamy, the key to happiness and peace in the world.

The old world thugocracies can no longer spew their problems into other countries.

Old world thugocracies must grow up and face up and take responsibility.



Money is the ultimate green light

Is there leadership anywhere?  Even one functioning brain cell?

What kind of father is clock boy’s father?

False media narratives swirling around clock boy

What kind of father is clock boy’s father?

Only time will tell


Former teacher of clock boy says clock boy once built a remote control to mess up a classroom projector

Clock boy’s 17 year old sister was suspended from middle school for a bomb related incident

It is said that clock boy racked up suspensions

The clock is said to be a standard clock from Radio Shack that was taken apart and put into a case and then brought to school where it scared the teacher

Clock boy’s father will not sign the necessary paper work to allow the teachers and the police to tell their side.  Clock boy’s family has suddenly moved to Qutar.

Former teacher of is speaking out on the student’s past – and it’s not pretty.

Former teacher who spoke out is retired.  Are his current teachers afraid to speak out in fear of losing their jobs?

There are said to be death threats against the school.  If there are death threats against those who tell the truth, what kind of enabling is going on?  The worst possible kind of fathering and mentoring.

Are the enablers of the media also in fear of death threats?

Only time will tell.

Read more about strange case and the strange actions of the father.

An exceptionalist father would have taken responsibility and insisted on the truth.

No exceptionalist father would tolerate their child bringing a bomb hoax to school.

What will clock boy’s future be?  Indoctrinated into false narratives of grievance and a self destructive circle of revenge?  Will clock boy travel the path to exceptionalism?  Or will clock boy be brainwashed with false religious narratives of hatred, blame shifting, false religious supremacism,  encouraged to lie, exposed to unspeakable violence towards the innocent?  Indoctrinated into immaturity and unhappiness by the groomers of terrorism?

The future is a ticking time bomb for those who are enabling terrorism not only by inaction but also by suppressing the truth.  The truth sets us all free.  Lies are shackles of the long dead past.


UN says ISIS pays terrorist groomers $10,000

Terrorist groomers are paid for each murderer

UN says ISIS pays terrorist groomers $10,000 per recruit.  Terrorist groomers send other people’s children to murder other people’s children, while the groomers sit smirking in safety, counting their money

Filling troubled minds with sociopathic lies of murder, suicide and sex with the dead.  Sorry, all you low information sheeple, there is no sex with the dead for murderers.  There is no sex with the dead for suicide.  Suicide is just a clever way to rid elites of throwaway males.

Islamic State Pays Recruiters $10,000 Per Person: UN