Is the skyrocketing life expectancy skyrocketing terrorism?

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The evidence is skyrocketing

Throwaway males were easy for the elites of polygamy to expell when the life expectancy for young males was in their twenties.

When throwaways from dysfunctional polygamous societies died like flies in their youth, there were few throwaways

A few hundred here, a few hundred there.

No problem.

Now, with medical advances, vaccines and meds, a few hundred have become many thousands.  World health organizations are keeping throwaways in tiptop shape.  Just look at the pictures of mostly males rampaging the streets of formerly peaceful societies.

The thousands will be escalating into millions in the coming years.

Millions of sex deprived, hate crazed, vacant eyed, super healthy young male throwaways

Fodder for the terrorist groomers who are licking their blood soaked chops.  (Not pork chops of course).

An absolute nihilistic catastrophe is escalating as we speak.

Naive leaders and the naive media in the West, low information enablers (LIE), are double talking the West into a death spiral

LIE (low information enablers) are welcoming disaster

The poop out of polygamy (POOP) is stinking up the whole world  😉

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