Another article totally mystified as to what causes terrorism.

What causes terrorism?


The obvious fact is that 80% of terrorist attacks take place in 5 polygamist societies

The counterintuitive fact is that many terrorists are middle and/or upper class.  It’s the middle and/or the upper class that is mired in the chaos of polygamy.  The under classes can’t afford the intricacies of a form of polygamy governed by rigid rules.

It’s not the belief system, it’s the ongoing chaotic struggle in all polygamous societies for the power elites to rid themselves of low status males


” More than 80% of the world’s terrorist attacks take place in five Muslim-majority countries — Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria ……….”


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Osama bin Laden’s billionaire elite father  fathered a total of 54 children by 22 wives (21 throwaway castoff males just by this one person plus 18 abandoned women). Mohammed bin Laden never had more than four wives at a time—throwing out his older wives and marrying new younger ones as desired to limit the number of current wives to four. Mohammed was planning to wed a 23rd wife the night he died, and was heading there when his company plane crashed in southwest Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed bin Laden was said to have so many children he hardly knew their names.

Broken chaotic fathering of tribalistic polygamy, children raised by isolated, abandoned, brutalized women assuredly gave rise to the atrocity of 9/11.


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