Fodder for terrorist groomers thrown out of their polygamous countries

Boatloads of so called “migrants” from dysfunctional, troubled polygamous societies

Are these mostly the troubled, broken fathered, “lost boy” throwaways that all polygamous societies must rid themselves of?

So the wealthy elites of polygamy have all the young girls for themselves?

Examine today’s pix of so called “migrants”  carefully:


Angry, confused, abandoned, thrown out of their home culture and always blaming others for their self created problems.

Fodder for terrorist groomers in the countries where they arrive?

Ready to be hypersexualized and induced sociopathic ideation by terrorist groomers with manmade false narratives of suicideandmurderforsexwith72deadvirgins?

The terrorist groomers who lurk in the blood soaked shadows of terrorist cultures are licking their chops while carefully feigning innocence….

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