Jindal: an authentic American exceptionalist of Indian heritage.


Jindal’s exceptionalist parents came to America over 40 years ago from India.  The great exceptionalist country of India, where exceptionalist monogamy has been practised for centuries, has long outperformed it’s neighbors.

They raised an exceptionalist son in the great American exceptionalist  tradition of power monogamy.  Giving their children the joyful gift of the fabled American work ethic, and a high achieving, peace loving road to adulthood


Recently, the great exceptionalist country of India’s Supreme Court wisely ruled out the practice of having multiple wives for Muslims arguing that it is not a fundamental right for those who practice Islam.

Judges TS Thakur and AK Goel said that article 25 of the Indian constitution guarantees freedom of conscience and free profession and practice of religion, but does not also guarantee the practice of polygamy.

“What was protected under Article 25 was the religious faith and not a practice which may run counter to public order, health or morality. Polygamy was not integral part of religion and monogamy was a reform within the power of the State under Article 25,” they said during the ruling.

Read more of the wisdom of the courts of India, saying that monogamy was a reform of the chaos and immorality of polygamy


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