Polygamous male has 39 wives and 94 children


Rot the gene pool for generations to come

Destabilize your culture  (culture is destabilized by 38 males without women)

Destabilize children with arrogant absentee lizard brain fathering

Abdicate responsibility with the sloth of polygamy



A 66-year-old man in India’s remote northeast has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren, all living under one roof.

They all live in a four storied building with 100 rooms in a mountainous village in Mizoram state, sharing borders with Burma and Bangladesh, according to reports.

“I once married 10 women in one year,” Ziona Chana said.

His wives share a dormitory near Ziona’s private bedroom and locals said he likes to have seven or eight of them by his side at all times.




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