Stop all cash for all migrants

Terrorism is being fueled not only by the throwaways of polygamy, but also MONEY!

Every act of terrorism worldwide has a long bloodsoaked trail of money behind it.

One and only way to stop migration ASAP



Hungary says migrants stopped by closing border

Hey, every country in the free world, stop all cash to all non citizens, just give food and shelter, set up safe zones in their countries, possibly payments only if they go back home, and it will stop


An ancestor of mine came over to America in chains in 1680.

The old world totalitarian monarchies spewed their prisoners and underclasses onto the shores of the new world.   By all accounts, they are still doing it. The founders of this country had no welfare, no money, no anything, they came to work and it worked.   They came for freedom from the old world totalitarians thugocracies.

With them came the fabled work ethic of monogamy.  They worked all day, every day.  The only thing they brought was exceptionalist monogamy, the key to happiness and peace in the world.

The old world thugocracies can no longer spew their problems into other countries.

Old world thugocracies must grow up and face up and take responsibility.



Money is the ultimate green light

Is there leadership anywhere?  Even one functioning brain cell?

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