Young women sexually mutilated for a lifetime of pain and dysfunction?

Young women sexually mutilated for a lifetime of agony?  How can anyone do this?

Maine Legislators Vote Down Bill Banning FGM

 “The legislators who voted against this FGM bill curiously argued that ‘FGM doesn’t happen in Maine,’ despite the fact that Maine is one of only eight federal pilot programs to address the exponential growth of FGM in America. If little girls in Maine are not at risk for FGM, then why is Maine receiving more than $200,000 a year from the federal government to help prevent FGM?”

Even if “FGM doesn’t happen in Maine, in reality, this common practice in the Muslim world is being committed in the United States by immigrant populations on helpless little girls.

Any and all of these atrocities aimed at keeping young women under control, end up contributing to a culture of terrorism, gang warfare, violence, misery, depression, suicide………

All part of the mindset that enables fatherlessness…….

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